Wordpress 3

Daily Specials Widget for WordPress Complete!
June 29th, 2012

I was finally able to finish the wordpress plugin I was building so long ago. It is now available for download. Add a comment if something doesn’t work for you or if you have a feature request. I’d like to make this as usable as possible.

Daily Specials Widget for WordPress
September 15th, 2011

I’ve recently begun development on a new plugin for WordPress that will be useful to restaurant owners.  I’m going to call it Daily Specials. I found a website today that allows you to list your menu and output it to almost any development environment.  In fact, they already have an official WordPress plugin. The only thing it doesn’t do is add the ability to have a daily special.  What if I want to feature my tri tip grilled steak on Tuesday evenings from 4PM-8PM for only $10?  How do I show this on my page?  Do I just write an article about it?  What if I feature this every Tuesday? What if I have a new special everyday that runs for weeks at a time? Keep reading »

The Loop

WordPress Loop – advanced relations in posts
September 9th, 2011

Plugins used for this post: advanced-custom-fields

Before I really get into this article, I want to say that WordPress is the best CMS available. Not only is it free and open source, but it is supported by the largest community of developers in the world.  Every day something better comes out for WordPress that jettisons it farther ahead of the competition. With that said, today’s topic is using the loop in WordPress to create relationships between posts.

With the advances in custom-post-types and custom-fields in WordPress 3.0, your content can now be taken to the next level.  A project I was working on today created the need for me to relate posts to pages.  You say, “That’s easy. That’s what tags and categories are for.” This is true.  Tags and categories were created to allow you to sort your collection of data by its content.  However, what if you wanted to show a group of posts on a page based on the content in the page? Let me give an example. Keep reading »